2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay – Xmas Tastings

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2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay – SORRY SOLD OUT 

I brought the 2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay purely on speculation because I’d heard positive murmurs about this winery. I have the 2009 and 2010 Pinot’s sitting in the cellar, having had a 2006 some time ago so I knew the Pinot’s are great, but had never actually seen the Chardonnay. So when I came across the opportunity to try it, and on the cheap, I couldn’t pass on the chance to try something new. I brought these knowing they had apparent label damage – hence the discounted price. Turns out this was not the case, with only 1 label being damaged and the other 3 bottles in perfect condition. Their loss was my gain.

And a gain it was. This wine is amazing. Only a week before I’d had the 2008, 2011 and 2012 Giaconda. Ok, the Apsley Gorge Chardonnay isn’t as good, but it’s pretty damn close, but the real point is that this wine is only $40 a bottle whilst the Giaconda sells for $140-$170 a bottle. You could buy 3 bottles of the Apsley and still be ahead.

2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay - 2014's Chardonnay find of the year!
2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay – 2014’s Chardonnay find of the year!

The 2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay is a very focused wine. It has a complex nose and tight linear structure as seen in good Chablis, but with the richness and length of a barrel fermented chardonnay. All Apsley Gorge Chardonnays are bottled without fining or filtration, which aid’s in the complexity seen both in the nose and in the mouth. The 2011 Apsley Gorge Chardonnay has incredibly intense aromas of peach blossom, golden delicious apple, pineapple, struck match, ginger shortbread, fennel seed and white pepper. In the mouth, this is one of those wines whereby what you smell is what you get in the mouth, so there’s no disappointment which can happen when the wine smells amazing, yet the mouth profile is disappointing. I love this wine, as it’s so delicious, balanced and will readily age in the cellar with its taught zesty acid structure.  In essence a stylistically favourable match to Giaconda’s iconic Chardonnay’s. This wine was the best Chardonnay discovery of 2014.

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