2010 Sami-Odi Helbig Shiraz – Xmas Tastings

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2010 Sami-Odi Helbig Shiraz
The next wine served up was a wine I’d heard mentioned about 4 months before Xmas. I came across 3 bottles of its rarest wine (324 bottles made in total), the 2010 Helbig Shiraz. Initially I saw the packaging and was amazed – it’s brilliant to say the least. I did however become skeptical when I read the ‘Helbig’ part of the wines title, thinking it was yet another attempt of a high octane wine. Don’t get me wrong, I love the style of big and bold …though only from a few producers who can make wines that are high octane, yet also supremely balanced.

This segment of the market continually receives nothing but bad wraps, mainly because so many imitators stuff up their final offering. As there are more ruinous attempts than successful attempts the general opinion of established wine drinkers is that all these high alcohol wines are just that, high alcohol and little substance. I’ll say it again, they’re wrong! I’ve said it many times that there are six or so wineries who can consistently create big, complex wines with amazing balanced. I can confidently now say there are 7 wineries! After securing 3 bottles, I patiently put these aside for Xmas and became a little nervous someone would see these available for sale on my site. Luckily enough, only 1 was sold before Xmas, so I had 1 bottle for myself to finally try. I was keen as mustard, and the wine I’d head whispering’s off for so long certainly did not disappoint.

2010 Sami-Odi Helbig Shiraz. $165 a bottle - 324 Bottles Produced
2010 Sami-Odi Helbig Shiraz. $165 a bottle – 324 Bottles Produced


The wine is made by Fraser McKinley. Potent blackcurrant and blackberry aromas are complimented by smoked meat, liquorice and mocha. Dark berry liqueur flavours offer impressive depth and clarity, with notes of bitter chocolate, candied liquorice and a kick of smoky minerals. The wine opens up with time and exposure to air, leaving an excellent and seductive finish of great definition and sappy, sweet persistence.

I’m glad I brought 3 bottles – 1 sold, 1 happily consumed, so this leaves 1 bottle. If not sold in the next 5 years (not likely) I’ll be drinking this again come 2019 🙂

Tomorrow, I will post tasting notes for my Chardonnay discovery of 2014.

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