2001 Greenock Creek Apricot Block – Xmas Tasting

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Pretty much every Xmas and New Year’s period I try and drink the best, or a new interesting wine which could turn out to be the best new find. The ‘best’ doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive either. It’s that special time of the year, and my family thankfully all enjoy and appreciate a good drop of wine – so some years I can go a little silly with what’s brought to the table, and some years, I’m a little more conservative and want to revisit an old favourite and see how the wines progressing.

During this period, I really wanted to re-taste one of my favourite wines of all time; the 2001 Greenock Creek Apricot Block Shiraz. It’d been a few years since I tasted this wine – and again it did not disappoint. I believe this is one of the best value wines out there money can truly buy. It’s a 99 point Robert Parker wine, made in extremely limited quantities (around 350 dozen – Penfolds makes around 3,500 cases of its Grange by comparison) yet it retails for $120 a bottle. Elsewhere in the world this wine is retailing for $200-$300 a bottle. These wines were never really released in Australia, with much of it exported to Europe and the USA.

Does this wine warrant the score given to it be Mr Parker…very much so! Does it warrant the retail price of over $200 a bottle? Well if you compare it to a bottle of Grange and then calculate you could buy 3 bottles of this wine for 1 bottle of Grange, then yep it ticks that box to. Will this wine age as well as a 2001 Grange (ironically this wine received 99 points from Robert Parker)? I believe the answer so far is yes. Having only re-tasted this wine less than two weeks ago, I can unequivocally state, based on the bottle I tasted, this wine is still in its infancy, with much potential ahead of it.

2001 Greenock Creek Apricot Block Shiraz: $120 a bottle and rated 99 Points by Robert Parker
2001 Greenock Creek Apricot Block Shiraz: $120 a bottle and rated 99 Points by Robert Parker

2001 Greenock Creek Apricot Block Shiraz

I decanted this wine for 2 hours before serving, knowing from past performance it’s a monster that requires a little taming. Still is if I’m to be honest. My family planned to drink 6 wines over the course of Christmas day, with 3 being Shiraz, and this wine proved yet again that it will take on all-comers. It was massive, balanced and yet elegant all at the same time. It showed a fabulous bouquet of blackberry, blueberry, liquorice, spice, vanilla and maple syrup aromas. The palate was extremely well integrated and stunningly delicious with flavours that followed the nose. My descriptions over the years for this wine never seem to adequately capture this wine, there’s just always so much going on – truly a WOW wine


Tomorrow I will post the next blog in this series, covering my thoughts on the 2nd Shiraz tasted on Christmas day.

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